Oct 16, 2017

Beige Nails Full of Autumn and Winter Elegance

Beige, is a kind of feature color, moon’s aperture, romantic color. It has a thick touch of linen cotton, but reveals a silky drape texture. Do you like beige color?

Hello dear. Happy Tuesday! Hope everything is treating you well~ Today, I am very excited to share you a collection of beige nails, hope you will love them.

Cool beige stamping nails make us feel warmer compared with white, more elegant and less dignified compared with black. But we could see that it is well matched with black stamping polish and nail stamping plates. It could be suitable to match it with your black, white or beige clothes.

A little darker beige nails with holo glitter effect, warm and fashionable. You could not deny that the beige nails are very good to design when a bride wears gorgeous white wedding dress, really amazing suit!! If you like the glitter nails and match the nails with your cool dress!  

If you want to try any cool beige nails, theses three ones should be a great choice. Simple design with lovely painting, don’t hesitate to paint your nails like that if you plan to go to beach, seaside or anyplace relaxed.

Beige manis, select a cool bag, then you are a nail queen. Don’t just design your nails without matching it with your clothes well. Hope today’s beige nails will be helpful for you when you are puzzled to choose a kind of nails for your autumn and winner.

Anyway, beige nails deserve your beauty. Have a nice try. Thank you for BORN PRETTY’s customer sharing. Which kind of nail art type do you want to try next time? How about wine red or red nails?

See you next time~ 

Oct 12, 2017

Useful Tips for Different Shaped Nails Shared with You Guys-Second Giveaway

Hello dear all, thank you very much for your support to BORN PRETTY 7th anniversary celebration, which really means a lot for us. Today, I am going to share you some useful tips for nail art, and I believe that this blog will be helpful for you guys if you plan to try other shaped nails.

Could you please share us your secret about how to cut the nails into ideal shapes? I am so confused that why each nail designer has so many nail cutters or clippers. Now, let me introduce you a magic nail art tool to trim your nails with different shapes.

Look at here, three kinds of nail types shared here, which one shape do you want to try? As we know, sometimes it is not easy to trim the nails to ideal shapes, but this nail art tool could help you do it with one step to make well nails, round nails and straight nails.

Look at them, all the nails are straight nails. Cool shapes can be designed for powder nails, stamping nails or uv gel nails. Which one do you prefer to try? If you are worrying about how to make straight nails, then hope this post could help us out with a simple way.

And those shared for you are round nails, also made with the nail art clippers. Ordinary nails but elegant, have a nice try to find suitable and unique nails for yourself.

And for the well nails, characteristic and remarkable, why not try it if your nails are long?

You might be puzzled how to cut three shaped nails with only one nail art clipper, but it really could do it!! Both suitable for manicure and pedicure!!Check the product picture below and learn how to do it:

Have you got how to make the nails after seeing this picture? Actually, you just need to insert the nail with different angle, and more details share here to see more details! Item code #41000, more colors to select.   

And congratulations, those orders actually payment $299+ from 10th. Oct- 20th. Oct will get free gift set!!! Thank you for your support on BORN PRETTY 7th anniversary celebration. 

Finally, there is the second giveaway on BORN PRETTY Official Facebook ->>, come on and get the free staff soon!! See you next time!! ➔

Oct 9, 2017

BORN PRETTY 7th Anniversary Celebration Started, GIVEAWAY Waiting for You!!

Hello lovelies. Nice to see you now. You should know that BORN PRETTY 7th Anniversary has just started, thank you so much for your support all the time and as return, many nail items start from $0.01 with limited time. The first round seckill will begin after seven hours, are you ready for it?

We could see that some Christmas stamping plates are all $0.01 and there are many other items are only $0.01. Check more details here->>

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Do you love surprises? If yes, pay more attention here, we have will prepared some lucky bags for you with big discount, let’s see the below picture:

Trust us, you will be surprised after you received the luck bags!!

Let’s wait for the seckill together and countdown to 8 hours, bring your fancy things home later!! More great news will be shared, and please continue to pay attention on this blog. Thank you and have a nice shopping! 

Oct 7, 2017

BORN PRETTY 7th Anniversary Sale Celebration, Seckill ONLY $0.01 !!!

Hello dear. How are you? Hope everything if fine with you. It has been a while to see you again because we just spent our Nation holiday. I am very happy to be able to see you now. Today, I am going to share you an exciting news that BORN PRETTY is 7 years old. We will have 7th anniversary big sale celebration during 10th.Oct-20th.Oct to return your support all the time, some coupons, seckill and special offer are ready for you. Don’t miss this great sale chance if you exactly need some nail art products. More sale details here->>

Now, I am going to share more details about the $0.01 seckill, follow me to get more surprises here.
A collection of nail stamping plates only $0.01 shown below:

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Thank you for your support! Share the great news with your friends now~See you next time! 

Sep 28, 2017

It is A Great Pity to Miss the Glitter Acrylic Nail Powder Designs

Hello lovelies. It is nice to see you again soon. Today, I am excited to be able to share you my favorite nail art types, glitter acrylic nail powder designs. All of them will surprise you. Hope you will also love them. Now, just follow me to enjoy them one by one, then share us your thoughts about them.

Nine colors optional, and here are just three of them, which one is your favorite. For me, I prefer the blue one, looks mysterious and I love this style. But the third one is also remarkable, try the glitter nails if you want to leave a good impression for someone:) Item code #40627 from

Unicorn glitter acrylic nail powder designs, always could shock you, right? All of unicorn nails looks fashionable, do you agree me? The powder effect will be better if you could use the base gel and top gel to match the powder, then the uv gel nails will help you attract more attention. Item code 40447.

Here are our BORN PREETY one of the most popular product, cat eye nail powder, 14 colors could be selected, click them to enjoy them even if you do want to try:)

The two ones are so cool, holographic laser glitter acrylic nail powder, do you love the holo effect? You should have a nice try if you are a holographic nail polish fan, and you know that the nails will keep longer than polish.

Amazing mirror powder, looks tidy and creative, simple steps, let’s try the glitter acrylic nail powder nails together.


This tutorial is showing us how to use our BORN PRETTY new product #41019, six colors can be selected, do you also love the mirror powder?Then take an action an shop it now ⇉

Our National holiday is coming soon, we will see you soon after we came back on 6th. Oct. Thank you for all for your support and have a nice day:) Kisses. 

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